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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einstein


Escape & explore on retreat with me in safe, pristine natural locations around Southern Africa to nurture your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and to support deep healing, renewal and clarity for the future you’re creating.

The Hero’s Journey

4-Day Wilderness Retreats

Facilitated at premium wilderness lodgings, this in-depth transformational journey combines the latest modalities in human psychology, quantum field work and ancient indigenous wisdom to support you in reclaiming your authentic nature and unique expression in the world. Destress and rejuvenate while building emotional resilience and mental clarity for living a successful, meaningful & joyful life.


  • Develop Mental Strength & Clarity
  • Harness Physical Energy & Centeredness
  • Grow Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs & Behaviour Patterns  
  • Navigate Change & Uncertainty With Confidence
  • Enjoy Comfort & Tranquility in Nature-based Lodgings
  • Build New Life / Business Support Structure & Strategy


  • Enneagram Personality Profiling 
  • Hero’s Journey Framework 
  • Breathwork & Guided Visualisation
  • Quantum Field Work 
  • Vision Quest
  • Yoga & Qigong

These retreats are offered as uniquely designed experiences to mixed gender groups and to men’s groups, and are adapted accordingly to maximise value and impact. 

San Pedro

Weekend Retreats

This powerful healing retreat is an invitation to a personal journey of rediscovery. San Pedro, also known as Huachuma, is a plant based psychedelic medicine originating from the Peruvian Andes that has been used in healing rituals for more than 3 500 years. It supports deep healing and transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This retreat creates balance and harmony in our lives, nurtures compassion and understanding in our relationship to self and others, and supports letting go of the past to start anew.

Benefits of the San Pedro Retreat:

  • Supports healing and transformation, emotionally, mentally, & physically.
  • Encourages clarity, creativity & success in one’s ventures.
  • Rekindles energy, optimism & enthusiasm for life.
  • Strengthens relationship with self & others.
  • Access higher states of consciousness and awareness.
  • Experience an expanded sense of ‘Oneness’, love and compassion for all of life.

What is San Pedro?

San Pedro is a fast growing columnar cactus native to the Andes Mountains, and containing a psychoactive alkaloid called mescaline, which is extracted and used as a powerful healing medicine. 

More about what San Pedro is and what it does (external link)


I have been blessed to have attended a number of ceremonies held by Volker and can say the he is top of his game. The space he holds is filled with kindness, love, care and understanding.

His knowledge with regards to the ceremonies I have been to have exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend such a wonderful brother.

Riki Scruton
EHS Training


I have attended a number of ceremonies with Volker and highly recommend him to fellow knowledge seekers.

Volker has the gifts of kindness, integrity and strength. He holds a sacred space that allows you to go where you need to, with the reassurance that he will keep you safe. His work has helped me delve deep into my shadows, understand the path I need to follow and open my heart to the beauty that abounds.

I am so grateful for the medicine and the tools that he shares. It is an honor to attend his ceremonies.

Gail Weiner
Life, happiness & mindfulness Coach


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Cape Town, South Africa

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