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Volker Schlettwein

I have been actively involved in personal transformation for over 15 years and believe that self-awareness and self-mastery are at the forefront of overall wellbeing and life success. 

We are not defined by our circumstances; we are defined by what we believe about ourselves and the world. Success at any level, be it emotionally, physically, mentally, or materially driven, comes from strengthening our physiology, developing a power-based mindset and nurturing emotional intelligence and resilience. With this foundation in place, everything becomes possible.

I have a natural ability to create safe, integral, and nonjudgmental spaces and experiences supporting deep transformation with lightheartedness and sincerity. I place strong emphasis on process integration and structure building to ensure positive habit formation and sustained desired outcomes. 

I love working with people, especially out in nature, and bring inspiration to every environment I work in – from boardrooms and lecture halls, to forests and mountains, and online.  

My eclectic skillset has been inspired and developed largely through my own journey of healing and transformation. This includes:

  • Leadership Development
  • Wilderness healing retreats
  • Family & systemic constellations (Quantum field work)
  • Conscious Breathwork
  • The awakening of the mature masculine (Men’s work)
  • The study of human psychology, neuro-science and neuroplasticity
  • Heart-mind-body coherence
  • Facilitator training through the South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Leadership and Business Coach – Da Vinci Institute
  • Master Coaching – InnerLifeSkills™    
  • Enneagram Coach
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy 

    A few years back I participated in one of Volkers’ group workshops and more recently have been privileged to partake in his weekly online breathwork sessions. All have been wonderful experiences. One of the qualities I like the most about Volker is that he is authentic. There are no airs and graces. Volker is just himself: humble, kind, loving, insightful, perceptive, patient, sensitive and strong. With Volker I always feel safe to be true to myself, to express myself and to explore my inner world.

    Lesley Chorn
    Counselling Psychologist


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    Cape Town, South Africa

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