Hello, I’m Volker.

I specialize in guiding transformative leadership experiences through captivating keynotes, impactful coaching, immersive workshops, and rejuvenating retreats. My approach is a blend of modern psychology, emerging science, and timeless eastern wisdom.

At the heart of my mission is the empowerment of individuals through the fusion of mind-heart-body wisdom. This holistic approach not only catalyzes personal well-being but also fuels remarkable business success.

My work is dedicated to nurturing mental and emotional resilience, while nurturing the power of intuition. These skills, essential for navigating uncertainty and challenges, offer profound clarity, unwavering confidence, and elevated achievements.”

Volker Schlettwein

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Volker Schlettwein - Conscious Breathwork

Conscious Breathwork

Through a safely guided journey of strong, connected breathing we access higher states of conscious awareness, while releasing physical and emotional toxins and tension from the body. We boost our vitality and harness greater creative potential while inviting deep healing, peace, joy and abundance into lives.

Family Constellations with Volker Schlettwein

Systemic Family Constellations

A powerful therapeutic healing modality designed to identify, heal and release deeply held emotional dis-ease and energetic entanglements derived from our past, usually from a dysfunction within our family system.  

Coaching with Volker Schlettwein


Reconnect with your higher potential, transform your energy and create a purpose driven life of joy and success. Various programs, from one-on-one to group sessions.


Nature Retreats

Escape & explore on retreat with me in safe, pristine natural locations around Southern Africa to nurture your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and to support deep healing, renewal and clarity for the future you’re creating.

Leaders in Nature

Leaders in Nature

There is an urgent need in these unprecedented times for leaders to emerge as empowered, heart-connected game changers and authentic role models: forging positive change and growth in an unpredictable and ever changing socio-economic landscape. 

Volker’s eye-opening wisdom and his ability to pinpoint exactly what will set you free is what sets him apart. His integrity and compassion made me feel at ease immediately. He is a master of his craft.

Glenn-Douglas Haig MCC
InnerLifeSkills Master Coach and Global Lead Trainer

Volker Schlettwein
Volker Schlettwein - Engaging at work


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Cape Town, South Africa